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Jan. 22, 2019

2019 Design Trends Predicted by the Pros

Architectural Digest asked the pros of the interior design industry to take their best shot at predicting 2019 design trends. Read their blog to find out the patterns, colors, and textures you might just be seeing a lot of this year.

Design Pros Predict the Big Decor Trends of 2019 ...

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Dec. 8, 2018

5 Design Trends you're About to see Everywhere

Airbnb has analyzed users on their platform to find the trendiest buzzwords that hosts are writing and guests are searching. Check out their findings in this Airbnb blog post:

Featured image courtesy of Airbnb.

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May 4, 2018

Honolulu Architecture

Honolulu Kawaiahao church
Photo by Joel Bradshaw, 2007, Wikipedia

Honolulu, the city that has welcomed visitors to its sandy shores for centuries, has a unique architectural mix in its Downtown areas. Each building reflects a period in time important to the Hawaiian islands, and is a window into the evolution of this naturally ...

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