New Construction Condos in Honolulu - Where are we now

With many of our new construction condo buyers wondering what is the status of the development they purchased, we decided to take a closer look at what's going on. For the majority of new developments Covid is not affecting projects which have entered the construction phase- construction is deemed an essential service and there were no shutdowns.


Last week we drove around Honolulu looking at some new development projects and found that they are full steam ahead. Our first stop is Azure.


When we pull up to the building it is buzzing like a beehive. Hard hat cladded men line the street directing a queue of cement trucks waiting to pump their payloads into the sky. They are pouring the 31st floor and there are only 11 more floors to construct. The widow installation is well under way and lanai railings started last week. Inside Azure, the construction team is working the interior walls, electrical, and plumbing. Azure is expected to hit their targeted completion date about a year from now.


Our next stop is Ward Village by Howard Hughes. We visit their 3 sites: ‘A’ali’i, Ko’ula, and Victoria Place.

In a recent chat with one of our trusted sources at Ward Village confirmed the developer is not experiencing any completion delays for both ‘A’ali’i, and Ko’ula. For Victoria Place, sales remained strong during Covid and Howard Hughes hit their 70% mark. In the photo below you'll see there is some action happening on the site where Victoria Place will be erected. 



‘A’ali’i is looking great. The building is already topped out with most of the windows and balcony railings installed. It seems the interior buildout should be commencing shortly.



Ko’ula is making great progress since coming out of the ground. We can see the famed Wallumns (casted in orange molds) preceding the next story of the building being constructed. The wallumns are not only a handsome architectural feature of the building, but allow Ko’ula to have no interior columns eating up square footage in the homes. The fourth floor of the tower has been poured, and forming of the fifth level has commenced.


Victoria Place

Overall, it's really great to see the projects that we most advise our clients to buy are doing so well.